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At the DCWW Welsh Water health, safety and wellbeing conference Peter Duffy Limited was awarded a commendation in the Health & Safety Excellence category.

The entry detailed our approach to continuous improvement in health and safety on our sewerage repair and maintenance contract.  Having implemented the Workmobile app to carry out point of work risk assessments 2 years ago we’ve been using the data to improve what we do.

Through analysing the data of over 5000 electronic point of work risk assessments we able to see where improvements could be made to excavation safety, traffic management, manual handling and the use of tools and equipment.

Our operations team, led by Contracts Manager Chris Martin, regularly reviewed the data and suggested improvements.  Training initiatives were developed to roll the improvements out, and we revised and updated the mobile app risk assessments to capture additional data and to embed new ways of working.  This allows us to monitor changes in real time, and ensure that improvements to our safe system of work have been properly implemented.

By taking the time to understand the data, and feeding the learning back into our ways of working we have improved the safety on hundreds of sites across our repair and maintenance contracts.