The latest initiative taken by Peter Duffy Limited in our commitment to the environment and our reduction in carbon use is the selection of electric powered mini excavators which we are looking to add to our fleet. Manufacturers have been developing these models over the past few years and recently they have become available to the industry. The new 19C-1E from JCB is the first of their electric generation and the industry’s first fully electric mini excavator. It allows a full day’s work on a single charge and produces zero emissions at point of use. In addition to zero emissions this model also reduces noise pollution therefore improving the working environment for our operatives and the general public.

This innovative machine has a retractable undercarriage in order to work in tight spaces such as urban areas therefore making it ideally suitable for our operations. This in another example of Peter Duffy Limited developing or introducing innovative solutions for the benefit of our operatives, our clients and the general public.