We are undertaking a repair to an existing sewer 7.5m deep which has collapsed, the collapse has caused subsidence to the main road through Kirkby Malzeard and due to this, the road has been closed to traffic.  

The original sewer was laid in 1908 and a newspaper article from that time (handed to us by a local resident) indicated that the contractor who first undertook the works was ruined when he struck quicksand! 

We knew this was going to be a difficult scheme and had to plan our works accordingly.  Due to the depth of our excavation we proposed a 2 stage shoring system to minimise the length of sheet piles required so these could be more easily and safely handled on site.  Works initially progressed well through reasonably good ground, but at a depth of 6m, old timber shoring and poor ground was encountered.  Our site team of Steve Noonan, Alan Hall, Patrick Harrington and Norman Duree (supervised by Rob Hill) have worked tirelessly to remove the remnants of old timber shoring by hand to ensure the temporary works was installed in accordance with the design and have had to persevere through the poor ground to ensure the works to repair the existing sewer are completed.

A huge thanks to the site team for their effort and determination on this project