The DrainsAid and Peter Duffy Ltd team are proud to announce that we are officially the first ever company to be accredited for the spray-lining of wastewater pipes.

After spending the last three days working hard to complete numerous tests and training, today the accreditation was granted by the public health and safety organisation ‘NSF International.’

With the help and support of Yorkshire Water, Schur Ltd and Axalta, we were able to use the advanced SR1000 Pipeline Rig to safely and successfully, line various pipes using the CORROLESS Acothane Carbon Fibre Polyurea.

Patented as CORROLESS ‘Pipe in Pipe,’ this sprayable lining is applied using a centrifugal process, which is suitable for iron, cement mortar lined, clay and steel pipes with diameters of 75mm to 2000mm.

The carbon-fibre reinforced spray-coating is designed to deliver maximum strength and durability, and can incorporate customised pipe base thickness for highly abrasive flows. It is designed to remain intact even after the original pipe has decayed away.

With our new accreditation, the DrainsAid team will be completing a new wastewater spray-lining project in Outwood in the upcoming weeks.

We’d like to say a big thank you to Schur Ltd, Axalta, Yorkshire Water and NSF International for their time and support.

Well done to our amazing crew on another exciting achievement!

Please see below some of the fantastic pictures taken from the training and testing: