A project that Peter Duffy Limited and DrainsAid contributed towards has been awarded a certificate of Excellence in the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) Yorkshire and Humber Awards 2019.

The £6 million sewer flooding alleviation scheme at Attlee Drive, Goole saw the construction of an underground storage tank along with the rehabilitation of old, and installation of new sewers to increase the capacity of the local sewerage network.

The project, which was run by Yorkshire Water, Mott MacDonald Bentley and The Joseph Gallagher Group, contracted DrainsAid to install 10 metres of 980mm Brick Egg Barrel patches in a large diameter sewer.

Our innovative ‘pillow packer’ could be folded sufficiently allowing it to fit through a tight manhole, before traversing the sewer and installing patches at the desired locations.

Using this modern technology not only ensured the patches were installed to the correct profile of the existing sewer, it allowed us to avoid the civil enabling works needed to open the manhole.

The patches were installed within five days, to stabilise the existing brickwork and enable a new four metre weir chamber to be built on line.

We’d like to say well done to all those who contributed towards the overall project, and a big congratulations to the other companies that have received awards.