A great night at the Recognition Awards 2021.

The event was held at Oulton Hall, Leeds and attended by 50 employees. Not all winners were able to attend the evening but most did and we are pleased to share images of some of the winning and highly commended recipients. Well done to all nominees and congratulations to the winners and highly commended employees.
Here are our highlights…….

Attendance and Performance Award:

This award is given to an employee with a 100% attendance over the past 12-month period or absence in exceptional circumstances only and achievement of daily and weekly key performance measures.

Collaborative Working Award:

For the award of Collaborative Working, we were looking for evidence where individuals or teams have worked together to achieve a positive outcome, this could be working with internal colleagues or external bodies to achieve these successful outcomes.

Exceptional Customer Service Award:

The exceptional customer service award is looking for evidence of employees who sustain working practices that demonstrates exceptional customer service both internally and/or externally.

Personal Development Award:

This award was looking to recognise an employee who has demonstrated a programme of development that has enabled them to make a significant contribution or improvement to their work practices.

Working Safely Award:

An individual who works safely and with zero accident who provides regular submission of near miss and positive intervention reports and who challenges unsafe practices and encourages colleagues to work safely.

Winner: Dawid Gross (Unable to attend)

Commended: Keir Rothwell and Ian Anderson

Innovation Award:

For the Innovation award we wanted to see evidence from employees that a new or improved way of working has been identified that has a positive business benefit in efficiency and/or cost reduction.

Winner: Workshop Team

Wider Community Award:

For this award we wanted to recognise employees who have actively been involved in local community work, charities and volunteering.
Winner – Jason Albrecht (unable to attend)
Highly commended – Mike Booth (unable to attend)

Congratulations to the nominees in all categories:
Chris Dynes, Robin Peace, Daniel Johnson, Donna Stephens, Kevin Saye, Martin McPhail, Ryan Denton, Tyler Tennant, Graham Griffiths, Simon Errington, Declan Gilboy ,Brian France ,Stephen Noonan, Alan Hall, Norman Duree, Pearce Duffy.
Sheffield Crookes Team – Aaron Blakeley, Joel Dodd, R Scott
Megatech team – S Bajor, P Bajor, R Jedrezejak, Jedrzejak, Witold Koldziej, P Summerscales, Lee Goodwin and Marcus McCarthy

Long Service Award

10 Year Award:
Sharanjit Rudd (unable to attend)
Malcolm MacDonald
Wayne Egan
Martin Moxon (unable to attend)
Mike Booth (unable to attend)
Paul Taylor
Kevin Saye (unable to attend)

20 Year Award:
Steve Chappell (unable to attend)